Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Love Now

First week of school, thus far, is a success. 
I felt like a first grader on Monday, backpack ready and stocked with pens, brand new notebook, hair done (which was rare in the summer as I work at a pool), READY AND EXCITED!!!
This is what I love about this semester:

I am taking mostly health classes. Oh how I love my major.
I was able to get into the classes I needed with the teachers I was hoping for.
The walk to campus from our new apartment is really pretty.
Trevor and I have  our religion class together, Marriage and Family.
He walks me to my next class after.
I don't start class until either 11 or 12:30 every day (I have never had class start after 9 or 10, but I'm loving my long mornings!)
It's been a perfect temperature every day.
As previously mentioned, no class on Friday.
I'm working in the evenings and Saturdays now, not mid afternoon, and not every day. Prime.
I don't need books for 3 of my classes (major plus, books = $).
Trevor's schedule and my schedule don't clash near as bad as in the summer.

And you know what, I am excited to go to class in an hour and a half!

By the way, we recently discovered Sunflower Market and I'm in love with it. WAY good, cheap fruit and veggies. How have I not found this place before? Plus I love the sunflowers on the outside... after all... I'm a Kansas girl. :)

From last summer... but I kind of love it.


  1. We love Sunflower Market!! Too bad there's not one by us. Their carne asada in the meat department is awesome...and their granola in bulk...and the salt water taffy. I could go on and on.

  2. We love the Sunflower Market so much! They have really, really awesome sausage in their butcher department. I was wondering, too, how long it's going to take before we run into each other. I hope it's soon! :)