Friday, May 16, 2014


OH how I love the summer. It's getting really hot really fast, and I'm OK with it. We have thermal curtains and the best little window AC in all the land to keep us cool and happy all summer long. Until we walk outside of course.

Last week we had a HUGE hail storm. I grew up in Kansas and I went through massive storms all the time, and I have never seen hail this big. Our neighborhood was so torn up and our back windshield fell victim. Goodbye, $270 and thank you giant piece of sky ice.

 Milo is a dream. I lied every other time I said it was the most fun stage. THIS is the most fun stage. He's such a funny little joker. He loves playing hide and seek and chase. He loves running around outside. He loves teddy grahams. He is so curious about everything. And he is still just the busiest little bee. Always putting his blocks in a box, or throwing his ball (he says ball ALL day long). He's still a terrible eater until it comes to bbq chicken. He loves it. Vegetarian mommy with a carnivore baby. He also loves climbing. He is ALL boy.
 He also loves bubbles. But really, who doesn't? He helped me with a garage sale for the young women last week. Mostly he just played with all the stuff for sale. But hey- it kept him happy!
That smile. It melts me!!!
His other words: dada when he sees Trevor and momma when he's sad/hungry/mad/tired. I'll take it.

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