Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pictures > Words

Milo likes to bring me his hat so I'll put it on his head. Even when it's blazing hot outside and the hat is way too small. He thinks it's so fun. 
 He loves typing on his keyboard. And laying on it? I don't know.
 Playing chase!!!
 He has a swing in the backyard and he loves it. And I love it. Except that there's a bird's nest really close to the swing and I always fear an impending bird attack. Oh well.
 Milo in Trevor's backpack. Right on.
 Going to real estate school to get my license! It's about time.
 More swinging. He also loves running around on the driveway back and forth and back and forth and picking up sticks and eating rocks. He's a boy.
 Playing with the fan. Hilarious.

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  1. He is such a cute boy! What's our problem Danielle? We HAVE to plan a meet up! We live way to close to each other to not meet.