Friday, November 15, 2013

8 Months of Milo + Young Women in Excellence

The other day I had a total breakdown. I want Milo to keep growing up and stop growing up and stay exactly the same all day every day forever, and relive every day over and over again. Is that so much to ask? There is just not enough time!

Some Milo favorites as of lately (on his 8 month birthday!)

1. Milo loves bananas. If all else fails, just break out the bananas and he will eat. He loves his nanas and it is adorable.

2. He can officially climb out of his exersaucer. Sometimes when I'm pumping I have him play in there. The other day, I looked over right as he nose dived out of it. Nothing is safe.

Almost impossible to wrestle into jams.
3. He blows bubbles all day, every day.

4. He is sleeping through the night!!!!! Kind of. Does it count if we hand him a bottle when he wakes up and leave? Probably not. But hey. I'M sleeping through the night.

5. He has one little tooth! It is so cute!

6. He loves to poke everything with his index finger.

7. He walks himself along furniture like a little ninja. And is very good at climbing up on everything and sliding/falling with style.

8. He pulls himself up on my leg and follows me around and wants me. YES. MY BABY LIKES ME. Mission accomplished.

9. He is a tough little nut to crack. He smiles all the time but those giggles... we have to WORK for them! He kind of sucks air in and squeals a lot... but he is tough to really get going. But I tell you what... when we figure out what he thinks is funny that day, it is SO worth it.

The last 2 weeks have been insane. With planning being momma, church events, working, and trying to keep the house functioning, it's been quite a whirlwind. Trevor is my life saver/hero. That guy is wonderful. Life is busy (and not too busy) and good and we love it!

At church, I work with the teenage girls. I love it SO much and we had a little showcase/year in review event (Young Women in Excellence) on Wednesday. It was so great! I love those girls. These are the centerpieces and decorations we put together. I'm obsessed.



  1. The picture of him in the cart is REALLY too cute!!

  2. It's crazy how quickly our little ones grow up but its so fun to see their little accomplishments! Working in young women's was my favourite, I miss it!

  3. I feel that same way all the time - I just want time to slow down so I can really cherish each day because they grow up so fast. I still can't believe my son is three! I feel like just this year he was born. The pictures of Milo are too cute!