Sunday, October 28, 2012

18 wEEKs

... and growing right along!
Kicks are getting higher and harder, and people are telling me every day that I actually am looking pregnant.
I think baby is on a major growth spurt. I can't get enough dairy and beans. Which is probably a good thing because I don't like meat. I also have been craving oranges/anything orange flavored. Oh, and fudgsicles. 40 calories apiece is a nice bonus... can't feel bad about that!
 My dreams are CRAZY vivid and really weird. I mix up about a million things I do every day and people I know (currently and from a long time ago) into one super weird saga every night. Very exciting.
 Only 9 days until we find out if baby H is a boy or a girl! :)

I promise someday soon I'll start posting things other than my belly and chalk drawings. 

For now, here's what's happening in the Hansen house:

Trevor has his first Physical Therapy school interview in 2 weeks! It's in Texas and we are SO excited. It's a crazy process all this applying! 

I'm going home to Kansas in exactly 18 days for a week and a half. Can't wait to spend some time in the homeland. I'll be away from Trevor for his 25th birthday, but he'll come join me a few days later. 

We got Trevor a super nice Nomis brand snowboarding coat secondhand for $28 last night. I love me a good bargain! 

Life is good and things are getting exciting around here. It's going to be a crazy 6 months!
Happy Halloween!

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