Sunday, August 19, 2012

Home Again

We're back!
We just had the BEST week camping at the beach.
We spent the week relaxing in the sun and shade (mostly me),
Catching waves in an inflatable raft (mostly Trevor),
Eating s'mores,
Sleeping in our little 8x8 tent that we are so proud of,
Running along the beach (aka Heaven),
Playing with baby Dexter,
Having an all out Phase 10 war,
Mexican food almost every night,
And LOVING being with family!

While we were in Las Vegas, we went to an outdoor theatre and saw Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat that Trevor's sister Audrey helped put together. It was so fun! I love outdoor musicals!
 We went to Trevor's family's ward last Sunday. Always so fun to visit!
 Also- our old scary white house is now beautiful and beige with sassy red doors! Love it!

 And yours truly has brought back the brunette. I was nervous (but... it's BLONDE! I can't get rid of BLONDE!) but ready to be done keeping up with roots. And I'm in LOVE with my dark hair again! I have yet to miss the blonde :)


  1. aww i love the pics of our house :) and i love you hair- you look good girl! miss you guys

  2. im jealous that you look good as a blonde and brunette haha