Sunday, March 11, 2012

Plugged Ears and Volleyball

Athletic training student for a husband= sweet tickets for volleyball game this weekend.
So fun!
I'm not a huge sports fan, but volleyball is WAY fun to watch. Also, I always support my cougs!
Saturday night my brother and I watched Trevor do his thing, watched BYU volleyball win all 3 of their games, and texted funny things to Trevor from across the gym.
Loved it.

On another note, poor Trevor has plugged ears with his cold.
Totally random, but does anyone know the secret trick to unplugging ears?
This is the WORST part of being sick in my mind, and it's driving him crazy!

We're totally loving this low key Sunday night. 
Bread in the brand new bread machine that my darling husband and brother surprised me with this week,
walking around Provo in the dark,
making up for our 1 missed hour of sleep with 3 extra this afternoon,
loving that it's only dusky at 7:45.

Also, my sister and I changed up our blog.
New {more fitting} title, more posts.
And there's a giveaway coming this week!



  1. woohoo, you got a bread machine!

  2. Y'all are so cute!! Sounds like a fun weekend! I have a lot of problems with my ears (infections, plugged, etc) it's really annoying. But I found that Sudafed actually helped my ears a ton the last time I had a bad cold!!

  3. Volleyball NEVER gets old to watch.
    Love your blog :)
    Oh, Just Livin' the Dream

  4. This time change is messing with my sleep schedule! But I love having more daylight :)

  5. sounds like a perfectly lovely weekend. minus the plugged ears!

  6. haha - i was googling like crazy "plugged ears" because of cold because i am going crazy too ! I can hear my own breathing and swallowing louder than my baby crying ! I hope it worked out for your husband. I was prescribed decongestants and I used Afrin up my nose laying down on the bed.

    Good Luck