Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cheating at Domesticity

Once upon a time, there was a wife who tried to make bread kind of a lot of times since getting married and failed miserably every time.

Then her lovely friend Kimber let her borrow her bread machine. 

Instructions as follows: put all the stuff in and push this button.

Easy enough.

3 and a half hours later, BREAD! 

No rock-like center
No activating yeast (anyone who can do this is my hero)
No "knead for 2 hours"
No "let rise 18 times".

It worked!

Do I feel inferior to a machine?

... maybe.

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  1. hahaha we're thinking about searching goodwills for one of these guys... i'll give you a great cinn roll recipe for it- my mom's. so bomb.

  2. p.s. you are so sweet. just to let you know. and i have never made bread that's worked. ever! you should let us just borrow your machine for awhile.. or like forever.

  3. yay it worked!!! i totally thought you were going to say it didn't work and i was going to be all like "uh uh girl, i'm coming over there tomorrow to make you make it work" ha, but i'm glad you did it!!! i forgot to tell you but usually after the timer goes off, i leave it in there for 30-45 minutes to let it keep doubling in size... i think it helps, maybe you can try it next time :)

  4. Umm, I die over my bread machine. It feels like a miracle every time I take it out.

    Thanks for visiting! You're sweet.

  5. nothing wrong with a machine to help a wife out, we need all the help we can get sometimes :-)