Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas 2011

We have officially traded the freezing cold of Provo for Warm and sunny Las Vegas for the next 4 days. It's glorious. Ready for the rest of this crazy winter vacation?

Thursday morning: Flying to Kansas until Wednesday the 28th.

Wednesday the 28th: Driving to Dallas.

January 3rd: Trevor flies back to Las Vegas then drives to Provo. I'm sticking around to party with my sister and her children until the 12th. (I'll miss you Trevor!)

See you in a month, Utah!

Looking forward to...
2 year anniversary! (OLD)
Some time with the in-laws whom I adore
Lots of late nights
Training for/running a race
New Year's
Date nights
Playing with the babies
Relishing in all my graduated glory
Job searching (not so much looking forward to this one)
That feeling that I'm NOT going back to school on January 4th!

I love vacation.
And Christmas!
Especially when I can breathe when I walk outside. 

Merry Christmas!


  1. What a fun post! Sounds like you are busy busy over this holiday season! Enjoy every bit of your time off with famiy!

  2. Hey Danielle! :)

    You've received The Versatile Blogger Award!

    Here's the link....

    I picked you because I love your blog. Y'alls love story is precious and I always enjoy reading about you & your husband. Thank you for blogging & Merry Christmas!

  3. i love christmas too - and i just read your 'him and her' ....cutest thing ever :) you guys are adorable and i love that you've known him since efy (and said that you were going to marry him)
    definitely following :)

  4. Sounds like you are going to have a great Christmas season! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment. I really appreciate it! Have a great day!

  5. Sounds like its going to be an awesome Xmas! Enjoy!

  6. Sounds like you have an awesome couple of weeks ahead of you!! Have fun! :)

  7. YAY sister time.... my race training is going super great, not. Pretty much I've been so stuffed up I can hardly breathe.

  8. Happy (and safe) travels!!! New follower!! =)

  9. have a lovely and safe trip! Merry Christmas!