Sunday, May 8, 2011


I love my mom!!!
She is the greatest.
She is strong, 
always willing to talk,
as hard working as they come,
unbelievably talented,
I am so lucky I get her to be my mom!
And now, I get TWO MOMS!! My Momma Hansen is fabulous in every way as well. I couldn't ask for better moms! I love them!
Also, my other mom hero... my sister Sarah! Every time I'm around her and her little kids I get more and more excited to be a mom :)

In other news...
We finally met baby Dexter today! And he is cute!!! We loved just holding him and loving him and looking at him all afternoon. And we left extremely baby hungry (even more so than when we arrived).

This weekend was beautiful. My arms are starting to see the beginnings of tanlines. This is excellent, because I'm too poor to go tanning and pale is so not a good look for me.

Today, we went to my cousin Kristine's open house for graduating from nursing school! We love family. :)

It's looking like I'll be back in Olathe again for a weekend in August with my mom and sister... I am sooo hoping it works out!


  1. Thanks for the nice compliments and for stretching the truth!

    Love, Mom

  2. Sister Hansen is pretty amazing :) she was one of the Best Mia Maid advisors ever!! :)