Sunday, February 6, 2011

We Love Grandma + Two Missions!

On Wednesday, this girl:
Reported to the MTC.
I. Love. Bridget.
Watch out, Temple Square!

This coming Wednesday, this girl:
will report to the MTC.
Cousin love.
Spanish speakers of San Diego, you are some lucky people.

Saturday, there was a party at Grandma's house with a LOT. of cousin representation to send Mia off right.
We love Grandma's house :).
This little guy is going to be SUCH a heartbreaker.
I love having Trevor at family gatherings :)
Cousins! Mia and Kristine... Jill and Ashley were there, too!
It was a blast... and Bridget and Mia will both be FANTASTIC!
P.s. My parents are coming into town on Wednesday :)

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